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Text widget

The text widget (AEECLSID_TextWidget) is a user interface element that allows the user to enter text. The widget manages interaction between the application and manufacturer provided services for supporting various text entry methods (multitap, T9, and so forth), handles display of the text entry caret. The text model associated with a text widget provides functions for setting text and retrieving entered text.

Various text input modes supported by text widgets are defined in AEETextController.h. Applications can change the input mode of a text widget by calling IWIDGET_SetInputMode().

For example, the following code shows how to create a text widget and set the input mode to allow numeric input:

nErr = ISHELL_CreateInstance(me->pIShell,
                  AEECLSID_TEXTWIDGET,(void **)&(me->piwText));
if (SUCCESS != nErr) {
     return FALSE;

// Set Input mode
IWIDGET_SetInputMode(me->piwText, AEE_TLANG_NUMBERS);

For more information on the text widget, see the Widgets Technology Guide in on the Brew MP website.