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Configuring the device pack for the Simulator

To simulate a device for a different language, load the appropriate device pack into the Simulator. You can modify device packs using the Device Configurator, which is available in the Brew MP Toolset, in the \bin\deprecated\deviceconfigurator directory, or by editing device pack files manually.

The device pack must specify a character set encoding that supports the characters in the localized BAR file. You can change the encoding through the Device Configurator (preferable) or in the device pack's .dsd file at string ID 150, IDS_DD_ENCODING, spelling out the encoding standards as shown in Character encoding.

The device pack must also specify a font that supports the characters. Font support is also best set in the Device Configurator, which modifies the device pack's .dpk file. As installed, the Brew MP SDK provides Latin OEM fonts. To display characters not supported by the OEM fonts, the device pack can use fonts provided by Windows.