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Running localized C and C++ applications on a device

To run an application on a device, use the ARM compiler and linker to build the source files.

The output from ARM is a MOD file (for dynamic applets), rather than a Windows DLL. Each supported device/language combination contains a separate download bundle for the MOD executable and a BAR file tailored to that device and language.

The Brew MP SDK includes Loader, a GUI, and a command-line tool for loading applications from a desktop system to a device over a serial connection. Loader supports locale-specific directories and subdirectories for applications that store language-specific resources in language directories.

The device manufacturer specifies the encoding supported by the device. To test your application's ability to switch locales, change the language setting for the device.

For more information, see the Tools Reference, which is available in the Brew MP SDK, and in on the Brew MP website.