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Component information file; Lua-based source file for MIF, defines resources that a module requires to execute in the Brew MP application execution environment; replaces XML-based MFX format
Dynamic application
A dynamic application or extension can be downloaded, upgraded (OTA or over a cable), and deleted; see static application
Pool of memory available for dynamic allocation. Can be either a user heap or a system/kernel heap.
Module information file; Binary file containing module-specific information (e.g., classes declared, privileges), and resources (e.g., applet names, icon image). Created by compiling a module's CIF and CAR files. Every Brew MP module requires one MIF file.
MOD files follow simple conventions but may contain only code for applets and classes used by the applets. MOD files require a BREW applet context to run.
MOD1 files may contain code executable in all environments, including code for applets, classes used by those applets, services, and classes used by those services.
An "execution and protection domain" that defines the set of rights and restrictions to access memory or other resources.
Static application
A static application or extension is statically linked to and built with the platform software (phone image) and therefore cannot be downloaded or deleted; see Dynamic application.