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The following are typical examples of output from DUMPHEAP(), as captured in the Brew MP Simulator:

  1. 21:26:07:044   AEEHeap.c:930 - 67EB460: 108 - c_rotationapp 


    • 67EB460 – address of node
    • 108 – size of node, in bytes
    • c_rotationapp - owner module (i.e. heap node is tagged with this module name)
    • .\src\xbbf.c:156 – source file and line number of the allocation (appears when _HEAP_DEBUG flag is set).

  2. 21:26:07:075   AEEModule.c:266 - Warning -- memory leak, freeing, 0x65A6760, 
                .\c_rotationapp.c:202, size 30


    • 0x65A6760 - address of the heap node
    • .\c_rotationapp.c:202 - location in the app where the node was allocated
    • size 30 - size of the node that was leaked, in bytes

Note: Due to the potentially high volume of output, DUMPHEAP() is generally better suited to debugging in Simulator than on the device.