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Migrating Applications from BREW to Brew MP

Migrating applications from BREW to Brew MP

Base version:

Brew MP 1.0

This document describes the steps needed to convert a legacy BREW application (such as a BREW 3.x or 4.x application) to a Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) application that can be compiled and executed with the Brew MP tools.

Qualcomm recommends that migration of a legacy BREW application be performed by someone familiar with the application source code and the resources it uses.

This technology guide describes the following:

  • Changes to BREW source files for Brew MP
  • Changes to BREW project files for Brew MP
  • Conversion of BREW resource files into Brew MP resource files
  • Importing a BREW project into Visual Studio

For Eclipse and command-line users, migrating applications from BREW to Brew MP is a manual process. If you develop applications using either Eclipse or the command line, follow all of the steps outlined in this document to migrate applications from BREW to Brew MP.

For Visual Studio users, Brew MP's Visual Studio Plugin automates many of the required tasks. To migrate applications using the Visual Studio Plugin, see Import a BREW project. Visual Studio users may also follow the steps to migrate projects manually.

For more information on the content of Brew MP resource files, see the Resource File and Markup Reference. This guide is available in the Brew MP SDK and on the Brew MP website.