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Converting MFX files

MFX files are deprecated in Brew MP and have been replaced with CIF files. MFX files are supported for backward compatibility. To compile a BREW application with Brew MP tools, MFX files need to be converted to CIF files.

Note: If only the MIF file is available for a legacy applet, you can recover the original MFX file by doing a "Save As" in the MIF editor to save the MIF file to a MFX file. Graphics resources may need to be re-imported into the MFX file.

How to migrate MFX files to Brew MP

There are three techniques for converting BREW MFX files into CIF files for use in Brew MP:

  • Use the Resource Manager to create a new CIF file that captures all the information from the existing MFX file.
  • Use the Resource Manager to convert the MFX file to a CIF file. When you open an MFX file in Resource Manager, it creates the CIF file automatically.
  • Use a text editor to manually create a new CIF file that captures all the information from an existing MFX file. See Appendix A: Manual Conversion from MFX to CIF.

Note: For complete information about CIF files, refer to the Resource File and Markup Reference, which is available both within the Brew MP SDK installation, and on the Brew MP website.