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Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Technology Guide

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Technology Guide for Developers for Manufacturers

Base version:

Brew MP 1.0.4

Document number:

HT80-VT500-204 Rev. B

HT80-VT500-205 Rev. B

Date published:

June 8, 2011

Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) has four core software layers:

  • OS Services
  • Platform Services
  • Application Environment
  • Applications

MMS service is implemented on top of the Brew MP platform service as shown in this diagram.

Brew MP's MMS APIs expose the following capabilities for use in MMS Client applications:

  • Parsing and encapsulation of MMS messages
  • Viewing MMS messages
  • Sending/receiving MMS transactions
  • Monitoring MMS transactions
  • Application directed MMS--A third party application can use MMS transport for sending and receiving application-specific contents.