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System Timer

The ISysTimer interface provides a time reference and allows the client to query the current time and to request signals to be set when a certain time is reached. The units of time are in ticks. The actual tick duration is a property of the implementation (for example, AEECLSID_SysTimer ticks are in milliseconds, and AEECLSID_SysTimerUsec ticks are in microseconds).

ISysTimer consumes valuable resources and should be used sparingly. In general, a thread should not use more than one timer. The reference time value exposed by ISysTimer has no absolute meaning. It is relative to some arbitrary, fixed point in time, such as system startup. It is steadily increasing and unaffected by real-time clock adjustments.

For absolute timers, use ISysTimer_SetExpiry(), specifying a time that is a small offset from ISysTimer_GetTimeRef(). For relative timers, use ISysTimer_SetDelay(), specifying a small delay from "now".

Required Files
Class ID(s)
AEECLSID_SysTimer - ticks are in milliseconds

AEECLSID_SysTimerUsec - ticks are in microseconds

Interface ID
platform\system\inc in the Brew MP SDK