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Brew MP provides a number of services that can be used in applications and components, such as location services, telephony services, SMS services, and OS Services. OS Services provides the following:

  • Kernel services
    • Signals
    • Interrupt Controller
    • Threads
    • Critical sections, semaphores, atomic operations
    • System events
    • Local storage
    • Privileges
    • Process management
    • Memory management
    • Servers
    • Timers
  • Utilities

    Libraries, file and I/O services, encryption, debugging

  • File system access
  • Support for dynamic module loading
  • Component infrastructure
  • Remote operations

The graphic below shows some of the building blocks of Brew MP, including OS Services. Each of the blocks at the top layer provides APIs to the users of Brew MP. These APIs are dependent on services from the blocks below them and also use API services from their peers.