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Remoting over gateway

Gateway is a mechanism that enables remote invocation of services across domains. Gateway is based on the IRemoteObj, IRemoteSkel, and IRemoteCall transport interfaces, which provide transparent remoting via stub and skel proxy interfaces.

There are two types of gateways. The interprocessor gateway connects two OS Services domains running on different CPUs. The PC gateway connects OS Services on a device to a PC. The following figure shows interprocess and interprocessor remoting:

Gateway consists of two components:

  • The gateway agent, which is configurable
  • The transport layer, including shared memory, socket connection, USB/Serial Port

A Gateway opener is a host server, which accesses the Gateway agent and forwards the CreateInstance call to the remote domain. The following gateway openers are defined in, in platform\cs\inc\OEM in the AMSS software:

  • AEECLSID_ModemOpener
  • AEECLSID_AppsOpener
  • AEECLSID_SimOpener