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Mobile application development platform; versions 1.0 through Brew SDK 4.0.x. An open, extensible client platform developed by Qualcomm to support system and application software, including personalized and branded user interfaces. May be used with most wireless devices and networks. A component of the Brew System.
Brew MP
Brew Mobile Platform; starting with version 1.0. A flexible operating system platform for mobile devices. It is open and extensible and works with any software ecosystem throughout the global operator and manufacturer communities.
A 32-bit globally unique numeric ID, typically in the form of AEECLSID_XXX, that is defined in a BID file generated by the BREW ClassID Generator. ClassIDs are a unique ID given to each class when it is defined, specifying an entry subroutine to create an instance of that class. ClassIDs can also be used as a privilege to use the class.
Interface Design Language is a non-executable language designed specifically for interface definition, which allows an interface and its implementing class to be designed separately. It is programming language agnostic and helps enforce remotability.
Interface ID
A unique ID given to each interface when it is defined in interface header files (or IDL file if using qidl.exe); typically in the form of AEEIID_XXX.
JavaScript Object Notation
Module information file; Binary file containing module-specific information (e.g., classes declared, privileges), and resources (e.g., applet names, icon image). Created by compiling a module's CIF and CAR files. Every Brew MP module requires one MIF file.
A module is an executable binary file that consists of one or more components compiled into a single image.
Serial access parser interface for XML.
WAP Binary XML is a binary representation of XML.