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PDI interfaces

Brew MP PDI interfaces support parsing industry standard vCard items. They further support the parsing, storing and generation of vCalendar objects. Additional parsing and generation of components of vCalendar that are supported are:

  • vAlarm - contains information about an alarm, a reminder of any event's instance and is always attached to a vEvent object
  • vEvent - describes an event, which has a scheduled amount of time on a calendar
  • vFreeBusy - a request for free/busy time, a response to a request, or a published set of busy time
  • vJournal -a journal entry; they attach descriptive text to a particular calendar date, may be used to record a daily record of activities or accomplishments, or describe progress with a related to-do entry
  • vToDo - explains a to-do item; i.e., an action-item or assignment
  • vTimeZone - provides a grouping of component properties that defines a time zone
  • X-Name - an experimental ICalendar component, for example, a use-defined component