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Device Integration

This section contains device integration information for position determination.

Class implementation

The source files are located in \platform\brewmp\hardware\gps in the Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software (AMSS). The class implementation files are as follows:

  • IPOSDET interface files:
    • AEEPosDet.c
    • OEMPosDet.c
    • OEMPosdet.h
  • Aries engine implementation files:
    • pdapi.h (Brew MP 1.0.2 and lower)
    • loc_api.h (Brew MP 1.0.3 and higher)
  • Non-Aries engine implementation files:
    • pdsm.h
    • pdsm.c

For Aries GPS Engine (Brew MP 1.0.3 and higher), IPOSDET is implemented over pd_IPosition.

AMSS Dependencies

  • For all GPS engines:

    • GPS engine

    For more information on the AMSS dependencies, see gpsOne Gen 7 Engine Interface Specification and Operational Description (ISOD) - DCN # 80-VF76-1.


Configuration items


Note: The configuration item AEE_DEVICEITEM_POSDET_PRIVACY_ALERT is deprecated and no longer supported.

OEM-specific configuration item

The following OEM-specific configuration items are deprecated and no longer supported.


Performance tuning

To improve the performance of position determination:

  • Configure the best possible mode of GPS request (AEEGPSMode) and also pass the appropriate value to the optim parameter (AEEGPSOpt) for optimizations.
  • Pass appropriate values to the nFixes and nInterval parameters in IPosdet_SetGPSConfig. This information is used by the GSP engine to estimate the upcoming position determination requests to optimize its performance in terms of battery life and time to fix.


Use the Porting Validation Suite (PVS) to validate the position determination module with these PVS Operational Acceptance Test (OAT) modules:

  • OATPosDet: Validates all IPOSDET functions.
  • OATGPSOneLock: Tests the functionality of iitemstore implementation of GPSOneLock.

Use these test cases from the CTF modules (?) to validate the pd_IPosition (Brew MP 1.0.3 and higher?):

  • PDTEST test case: IPosition interface
  • POSTIONCACHE test case: IPositionCache interface
  • OATGPSXTRA test case

See the PVS Test Case Reference for more information on the OAT and CTF modules.