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Configuring IPosDet functions (Brew MP 1.0.2 and lower)

To correctly port the IPosDet interface, OEMs must configure information for AEEGPSInfo.LocProbability in OEMPosDet.c.


The position response returned by the IPosDet interface is the AEEGPSInfo structure, which contains a field that indicates the probability that the user's position is within the ellipse described in the response. This field is AEEGPSInfo.LocProbability.

As part of porting the IPosDet interface, OEMs must verify the probability specified in OEMPosDet.c, function OEM_PD_EventCB(), is accurate for the device.

The position determination engine on some devices provides the probability along with the position response. For these devices, the value provided by the position determination engine is the information that should be returned from the OEM layer to the application.


The position determination engine provides the information.

pMe->theResponse.LocProbability =                            


For devices where the position determination engine does not provide this information directly, the OEM can configure the value returned for the location probability.

The location probability is determined by the position determination engine on the device. For 1x MSM™ chipsets, the location probability is typically 39% or 68%. The correct value to use must be verified based on the position determination engine in that device.

//The OEM configures the location probability after verifying the                                         
//correct value for that chipset:                            
pMe->theResponse.LocProbability = 68;