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Feature Flags

Feature flags indicate features supported by the underlying engine. The flags in the following table are defined in the engine or in the cust.h file and are some of the more important feature flags related to position determination. Qualcomm recommends that you do not modify these feature flags.

Feature flag Description
FEATURE_CGPS Used for the Aries engine
FEATURE_GPSONE Used for gpsOne support, a hybrid positioning system
FEATURE_PDAPI The underlying GPS engine uses pdapi (supports the Aries engine)
FEATURE_MMGPS Used for multimedia support in GPS
FEATURE_GPSONE_STANDALONE Used to support standalone mode in gpsOne applications
FEATURE_GPSONE_VX_LCS_AGENT Used by gpsOne to support the location services (LCS) agent. The LCS agent, a new subtask, is added in the PDSM task to handle the NI and MO version 1 and version 2 (V1 and V2) sessions. The functionality of the LCS Agent handles the interface with an NI extension via the PD API for NI sessions and interface with the MPC via a sockets interface for MS-MPC communication.