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pd_IXTRA (v 1.0.3 and higher)

The pd_IXTRA (extended receiver assistance) interface provides a mechanism to feed assistance data to the GPS engine. This interface also provides methods for an XTRA client to register with the location engine and provide assistance data (predicted orbits data), as well as coarse time and coarse position information.

The pd_IXTRA interface is used for these types of operations:

  • Receive notifications from the location engine when it needs XTRA data and time.
  • Inject the assistance data, time, and coarse position into the engine.
  • Determine the validity of the XTRA data already available in the engine.
  • Configure the engine to stay warm with XTRA; i.e., automatically request XTRA data and time irrespective of any position requests.

Required File(s) pd_IXTRA.h
Interface ID pd_AEEIID_IXTRA
Location \platform\hardware\GPS\inc\pro (in device builds and platformpro)
Required Permission(s)

See the C/C++ API Reference on the Brew MP website for more information.