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Brew MP programming concepts and terminology

Brew MP has four core layers:

  • OS Services - abstracts kernel and memory management, provides component management, process, and security across the platform.
  • Platform Services - includes modem, multimedia, and general service features, and is also the layer where Brew MP application APIs reside.
  • Application Environment - provides the foundation for applications running on Brew MP. Widgets interfaces are in this layer, providing a set of User Interface elements.
  • Applications - Applications are typically developed in C/C++. Other application frameworks have been written on top of Brew APIs, enabling support for alternate languages, such as Java.

The Brew MP application model is event-driven

Brew MP applications respond to events sent from the operating system. Brew MP applications do not contain a main program loop; all input is received through events. This model provides for clean, efficient execution with minimum demand on system resources and simple, task-based development.

Brew MP leverages an object-oriented modular design that governs system architecture, security, and access to all APIs and services. This design provides dynamic platform extensibility across language environments (C/C++, Flash, etc.). The key components of Brew MP application architecture are interfaces, classes and modules, discussed in the following sections.