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Windowed application model

Note: The Brew MP windowing system and the Window Manager are deprecated in Brew MP 1.0.4.

The Brew MP Window Manager application allows multiple applications to share the display. When using windowed applications, the Window Manager is the top-visible application and the windowed applications run in the background.

Because a windowed application is running in the background, it does not receive user events, such as key, touch, and multitouch events, to its IApplet interface. Instead, the window manager forwards user events to the window that currently has focus (for keypad events), or to the top-most window that was touched (for touch and multitouch events).

Non-user events (URLs, notifiers , etc.) are still sent to the windowed application's IApplet interface.

Windowed applications draw cooperatively through the window manager application using Brew MP's widget draw cycle. A window that needs to update invalidates itself rather than drawing directly to the display. The window's draw function is called by the window manager at the appropriate time to interweave the drawing with other windows in the system.

For more information, see the Window Manager Technology Guide for Developers in on the Brew MP website.