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Implementing an applet class

To implement an applet class, do the following:

  1. Declare the applet class in the CIF for the module.

    Each applet class must have a unique class ID (i.e. AEECLSID_XXXX). An applet class can also specify its privileges (AEEPRIVID_XXXX) in the CIF file.

  2. Implement the applet class in C/C++.
  3. Build the applet class, as follows:
    1. Compile the CIF and any CAR files to create the MIF and BAR files.
    2. Compile the C/C++ source code, using an arm compiler, to generate the module for the applet class.

For an example implementation of an applet class, see the c_basicapp example in the Brew MP Sample Code.

The Brew MP IDE plugin for Visual Studio or Eclipse provide a wizard to facilitate the development of applet classes.