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Static modules

Static modules are linked into the boot (or flash) image so that OS Services does not have to load the module binary into memory at run-time. The boot image can be defined as the software image into which the OS Services libraries themselves are statically linked. Static modules are compiled and linked into the firmware image in the same manner as device software and OS Services itself, and they live along side OS Services. The default static modules are the file system, signature code, and core services.

The module parts of a static module are statically linked, the MIF is stored as byte array, and there is no signature file. To make statically linked code available to the OS Services environment, a statically linked IModule implementation is provided that links directly with the static classes. Static classes are listed in an array of structures as in earlier versions of BREW. As with dynamic code, all objects of a class share one IModule instance per process, and that instance can be used to share data that is instantiated once per process.