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Qualcomm Component Model (QCM)

The Qualcomm Component Model (QCM) is a programming model in which software is built as components. QCM provides the infrastructure for Brew MP to extend the capabilities of the platform by adding new services and allow those services to be dynamically discovered and used. BREW, Brew MP, and OS services are all QCM compliant.

The QCM:

  • Establishes a contract and specification between providers of services and their users.
  • Separates the specification and implementation of the services. The specification describes the functionality the software service, or implementation, provides.
  • Enables the users and the providers of the services to undergo changes without breaking each other.
  • Enables services to be dynamically discovered and created.

Users of the service must conform to this specification to access the functionality, and only need to know about the specifications of the services rather than how the services are actually implemented.

QCM is not a platform. Brew and Brew MP are the platforms that leverage this programming model to have their APIs built as components. This programming model consists of the following: