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Inter-application communication

Brew MP provides several mechanisms for inter-application communication. One is a system-level FIFO mechanism that allows processes to write to and read from named kernel memory buffers. Access control for the FIFO buffer is specified in the CIF through the FIFO_ACL_Grant primitive. The data can take any format and the API follows a familiar asynchronous I/O model. See the Resource File and Markup Reference for more details.

Brew MP also supports local loopback sockets. Similar to FIFO buffers, this mechanism employs the familiar socket I/O paradigm with the data transmitted between applications and processes rather than over the network. As with FIFO buffers, the format of the data is private.

Applications can asynchronously dispatch URLs to other applications by way of ISHELL_PostURL() and ISHELL_BrowseURL(). ISHELL_PostURL() queues an event which later causes the application to be loaded. The application can then choose to start if desired. ISHELL_BrowseURL() synchronously loads and starts the associated application with the URL. Brew MP supports a number of pre-defined URLs.