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Registry support

Brew MP provides a system-wide registry, which associates interfaces and classes with string-based registry keys. Common uses include multimedia and network protocol handlers (.jpg, .png, .http, etc.).

Searches are qualified by an associated interface (AEEIID), which enforces returning classes (AEECLSIDs) that map to the expected definition. The queries can be made via ISHELL_GetHandler(). See the for more details.

The system registry is generally populated at startup with registry entries specified in the digitally signed MIF of their handlers. These entries are loaded in the order that the MIFs are loaded and parsed.

Registry values can also be updated at runtime. There are few restrictions on which entries can be updated at runtime. However, these updates are not persistent and need to be repeated, if necessary, each time the system is started.

Queries return an AEECLSID, which is then used to obtain the associated implementation.


All objects in Brew MP are stored in a binary resource file with the associated MIME Type string. An object resource always has a MIME type associated with it. MIME types are similar to file extensions, used to identify the type of data a file contains. MIME Type registry entries are specified through the SysRsc primitive in the CIF. For more information, see the Resource File and Markup Reference in on the Brew MP website.