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Brew MP provides a variety of system-level functions and services to facilitate the development of applets for Brew MP-enabled devices. Brew MP modules can contain one or more applets or classes. These classes are exposed by a module at runtime and are loaded or unloaded on an as-needed basis.

Interface Services and Descriptions

Brew MP's AEE offers a number of distinct categories of services. The services provided, and the names of the interfaces that implement those services, are listed in the table below.

Family Description Interfaces
Connectivity Bluetooth, WIFI, WLAN, and other methods of connecting a mobile device to a wireless network. IRemoteControl, IWIFI, wlan, IBTServiceDiscovery
Device Management Includes interfaces related to mobile device management including those for OMA DM, DLOTA, FOMA, and module management. IMod, IVolumeDB
Databases Data storage on a mobile device, such as SQLite database support, call history, personal contacts, and timezone information ITimeZone, IGallery, dbc_IConnect, pim_IContacts, ICallHIstory
Hardware Managing the hardware of a mobile device, such as battery, camera, position determination, USB, FM radio, joysticks, and flip-phones IBacklight, IBattery, ICamera, IFlip, IJoystick, IFMRadio, IHID, IKeysMapping, IPosDet, ISensorUtil, IUSBDevice
Languages Adobe Flash, Lua, and Java application management IASArgs, IFlashPlayer, jams_IApp, ILua, ICachingResFile, IActorContext
Media Audio and visual content, including downloadable games and music, image and video files. IUnzipAStream, IContentMetaData, drm_IRightsChange, IImage, IMedia, ISound, IVocoder
Networking DNS operations, multicast groups, the network subsystem on the mobile device, TCP and UDP sockets, and network connectivity. IDNS, INetMgr, ISocket, ISSL, IAddrInfo, IMcastSession, IQoSList, INetwork, IWeb
System The Application Execution Environment (AEE), in which all Brew applets are executed, the file system, fonts, multimedia content management, players and listeners, locales, and memory management. IShell, IApplet, IMod, IAppletCtl, IResourceStatus, IDeviceNotifier, IFile, IHeap, IPort, ISignal, INotifier, IEnv, IControl, IBASE, IControl, ISettings, IBN, ICipher1, IHashCtx, IPubKey
Telephony Telephony functionality of a mobile device including SMS messaging and call handling ISMS, ICallMgr, IPhoneCtl
UI Displays and bitmaps, graphics, fonts, UI Widgets, and window management IDisplay, IGraphics, IDisplayCanvas, IFont, IBitmap, IResFile, IWidget,
Addons Includes interfaces that are not part of the standard platform. Examples are Tools layers, Licensing, and Simulator APIs. ILicense, ISimEventProxy, ISimPluginProxy