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IApplet is the base interface for all Brew MP applets. IApplet handles applet-specific functions, and is only required if you are exporting an applet from your module. Applet classes are event-driven programs. Brew MP invokes IApplet_HandleEvent() with events and event data. The applet class implements logic to handle those events.

The implementation for the IApplet interface is AEEAppGen.c, which includes information in addition to AEEModGen.c required to create an applet. It encapsulates the basic functionality of an applet, mostly message handling. AEEAppGen.c is only provided for MOD applets, not for MOD1 applets. To see a sample of implementation of the IApplet interface, see the sample code application c_basicmod1app, included with the Brew MP SDK. The sample code is installed to your machine from the Brew MP SDK Manager.

For more information, see the Brew MP on the Brew MP website.