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Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software. Software provided to licensees that develop, manufacture and sell certain Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) subscriber equipment.
Brew MP
Brew Mobile Platform. A flexible operating system platform for mobile devices. Brew MP is open and extensible and works with any software ecosystem throughout the global operator and manufacturer communities. Brew MP is the successor to BREW.
A user-defined type that encapsulates data and behavior (i.e., functions) to implement one or more interfaces that the class exposes.
A 32-bit, globally unique, numeric ID, typically in the form of AEECLSID_XXX, that is defined in a BID file generated by the BREW ClassID Generator. A ClassID, which is a unique ID assigned to each class when it is defined, specifies an entry subroutine that is used to create an instance of that class. A ClassID can also be used as a privilege to use the class.
Operational acceptance test. A test framework in the Brew MP Porting Validation Suite (PVS).
Porting Validation Suite. Provides platform test frameworks for Brew MP applications.