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IPort1 is a general interface for bidirectional data stream, of which Brew MP uses a particular implementation for Sensors.

IPort1 is the channel that Sensors use to exchange messages between the app and the sensor hardware. AEECLSID_Port1Sensor implements the APIs exported by IPort1, which sends the requests and gets the response from the Sensors task.

Required Files Class ID(s) Interface ID Location
AEEIPort1.h AEEIID_IPort1 0x01056898 AEECLSID_Port1Sensor 0x0104192d \platform\hardware\inc\ AEEIID_IPort1 0x01056898 AEECLSID_Port1Sensor 0x0104192d \platform\hardware\inc\

Sensors uses four of the APIs in IPort1:

  • IPort1_Read()
  • IPort1_Readable()
  • IPort1_Write()
  • IPort1_Writable()

These APIs are described at length in the Brew MP C/C++ API Reference, available in the