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Native stores

The settings registry supports the following native data stores:

  • .ini file-based: settings are stored in .ini files and are persisted in EFS

    An .ini store supports default settings. The default .ini file is never modified. Changes to the defaults are reflected in a journal file that has a .inix extension. When a setting value is modified, it is copied to the journal and the value is changed in the journal copy. Settings that are added are stored in the journal. Settings that are deleted are stored as special entries in the journal, indicating that they are deleted.

  • heap-based: settings are stored in heap and are not persisted across power cycles

The registry manages all operations on the data store (in the case of a .ini file, the registry is the only component that ever reads/writes the file). A component does not need to provide any code to define or manage a native store.

You can create additional native stores by creating a new implementation of ISettingsStoreFactory.