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Private settings

Private settings are created and owned by an application. Private settings are not accessible by any other application in the system because they are not part of the global settings registry.

An application or component creates private settings using a factory and providing a NULL-terminated string that specifies the type of store to create. The factory returns an ISettings object that can be used to access the settings.

Brew MP supports the following factories for creating private settings:

  • .ini file based - settings reside in .ini files and are persisted in EFS.
  • heap based - settings reside in heap and are not persisted across power cycles.

For private settings, no modification to the CIF is required. The component uses the factory to create the ISettings object of interest at run time. When creating the settings store, the component must provide a ClassID and file name for an .ini-based store or a quota value for a heap-based store.

In Brew MP 1.0.4, private settings in persistent storage can use the ISettingsTransaction interface to combine a series of changes to an ISettings setting or setting subtree into a single reversible transaction. For more information, see ISettingsTransaction and Using ISettingsTransaction with private .ini-based settings.

Note: The factories return ISettings objects that do not support the ISettings_OnChange() method.