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In Brew MP 1.0.4 and later, the ISettingsTransaction interface can be used with settings stores that are kept in persistent storage, such as .ini files.

By default, each modification to an ISettings setting is immediately saved to the persistent storage. For ISettings implementations that support the ISettingsTransaction interface, this interface enables combining a series of settings modifications (Set, Delete and/or Reset operations) into a single reversible transaction. The modifications combined into a single transaction can modify an ISettings setting or a setting subtree.

An application calls ISettingsTransaction_Begin() to start a transaction. After making changes to the settings by calling ISettings_Set(), ISettings_Delete(), or ISettings_Reset(), the application calls ISettingTransaction_Commit() to write the changes to persistent storage. If any of the changes fail, the application can call ISettingsTransaction_Rollback() to discard all the changes (all changes made since the last ISettingsTransaction_Begin() operation are discarded).

Required Files
Class ID(s)
Interface ID
platform\system\inc\pro in the Brew MP SDK

For more information on ISettingsTransaction, see the and Using ISettingsTransaction with private .ini-based settings.