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Timers are active only while the application is running. The application must be running to receive notification that the timer has expired.

There are two Brew MP interfaces that provide timer functionality:

  • ISysTimer

    The timer functions provided by ISysTimer enable an application to query the current time and to request a signal be set when a specific time is reached. The units of time are in ticks. The tick duration is a property of the implementation (AEECLSID_SysTimer ticks are in milliseconds, AEECLSID_SysTimerUsec ticks are in microseconds).

  • IShell

    The IShell interface provides the ISHELL_SetTimer(), ISHELL_SetTimerEx(), ISHELL_CancelTImer(), and ISHELL_GetTimerExpiration() functions. When setting a timer, the time is specified in milliseconds. When the timer expires, the specified callback function is called.

The ISysTImer interface is the recommended way to implement timers.