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In GSM/UMTS/CDMA-RUIM, card-based contact database that stores SIM/RUIM contact information.
Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software
Mobile application development platform; versions 1.0 through BREW SDK® 4.0.x
An open, extensible client platform developed by Qualcomm to support system and application software, including personalized and branded user interfaces. May be used with most wireless devices and networks. A component of the BREW System.
Brew MP
Brew Mobile Platform
A flexible operating system platform for mobile devices. It is open and extensible and works with any software ecosystem throughout the global operator and manufacturer communities.
Brew MP application
A self-contained software package that exposes an applet class (implements the IApplet interface) that can be loaded and executed in BREW Shell (or Thread), and defined in interface header files (or IDL file if using qidl.exe).
Component information file; Lua-based source file for MIF, defines resources that a module requires to execute in the Brew MP application execution environment; replaces XML-based MFX format
Used to compile a CIF into a MIF and a CAR into a BAR
DataBase Connection. A database connection allows client software to talk to database server software. It is an API that defines how a client may access a database. It provides methods for querying and updating data in a database. dbc is oriented towards relational databases, whether on the same machine or not.
Digital rights management; technology for copyright protection of digital media, including ringtones, music, graphics, and video; developed to prevent the illegal distribution of purchased content over the Internet
For CDMA/GSM/UMTS/CDMA-RUIM these are stored on the handset's local memory. The schema is static and the same for all implementations.
Embedded file system; file system that resides on a Brew MP device
With GSM/UMTS/CDMA-RUIM this type of database stores fixed dial contacts information. This is a service mode of SIM, where outgoing calls are allowed to only a set of phone numbers. These numbers are added to the FDN list.
The HiddenKey file contains a four to eight digit key that the application can use to authorize a user to see hidden entries.
Similar to a C++ abstract base class having only pure virtual methods that provide a specification contract that a implementing class must meet
Operational acceptance test; test framework in the Brew MP Porting Validation Suite (PVS)
Phonebook Control; The PBC (Phonebook Control) file is a one-to-one mapping with AND: for each AND record there is an entry in PBC with the same record id. The PBC record contains a flag that marks the contact as hidden or not. The HiddenKey file contains a four to eight digit key that the application can use to authorize a user to see hidden entries.
Personal Data Interchange
Porting Validation Suite. Provides platform test frameworks for Brew MP applications.
Universal time