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The active timezone (for example, the timezone that is configured on the device as the current timezone) is stored in an ISettings-based config file (INI file). The configuration file contains a section called "active" with a key called "tzid" that contains the Olson database name of the active timezone. This is a public key and can be read and written (with proper privileges) using the key "/timezone/active/tzid". The configuration file also contains two private keys–one for the default system language settings key and one for the default timezone database language. These two are not related and OEMs are expected to set the default timezone database language value to the language they expect the timezone database names to be in. This should be the same as the name of the table for timezone names except that spaces are used in the name instead of underscores.

Example of a configuration file:





default=en  --English. Important to have this comment on this line so that \
the spaces after "en" are preserved in a call from ISettings_Get()