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Integration instructions

It is important to follow the steps outlined below to ensure proper porting of timezone data onto the device.

  1. Obtain the timezone database file in the proper schema as outlined in the timezone database schema section. A default timezone database that supports all the common timezones (78 in number, similar to the Microsoft Windows support for Timezones) with transition data for the most common timezone transition rules (e.g., 2006 and above for timezones in the USA) and timezone names in English is included with the AMSS under mod\timezone\data\tzdata.db. This database is a compact representation of the most commonly used timezone information with timezone transition rules based on the tzdata2008c version of Olson database. The timezone database generation tool can be used to generate a compatible timezone database.
  2. Place the timezone database file obtained in step 1 onto the device at fs:/mod/timezone/data/tzdata.db.
  3. If the default timezone database provided is used, ignore this step. If a customized timezone database is used, be sure that the timezone configuration file for timezone information is updated to reflect the correct information and copied to the handset at fs:/mod/timezone/timezone.ini.