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Timezone functions have been tested by Qualcomm prior to each software release. Device manufacturers may use the resources provided with the platform software and the Porting Validation Suite (PVS) to further validate timezone features.

To validate contacts functionality, use the following PVS CTF test modules:

  • ctftimezonetest: Exercises all ITimeZone APIs with good and bad input to make sure that all APIs are behaving as expected.
  • ctftimezonenopltest: Exercises APIs that try to modify the active timezone or any information in the timezone database without the proper privilege and makes sure that such operations do not succeed.
  • ctftimezonedbtest: Verifies that the timezone database deployed on the handset conforms to the timezone database schema.
  • ctftimezoneperftest: Exercises the ITimeZone APIs and measures the average time taken for each operation. This can be used as a benchmark for the performance of the ITimeZone implementation provided with Brew MP.