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Wallpaper settings tree

The diagram below shows the organization of the wallpaper settings tree. The settings keys that are highlighted in blue are required to be supported by all devices that support IWallpaper. Support for other settings keys is optional.

Access to these settings is managed by privileges. Any application that needs to use IWallpaper needs to have the AEEPRIVID_PWallpaperConfigure privilege, which grants read access to the entire wallpaper settings subtree. This privilege also grants write access to the keys shown in red bold text in the diagram

The settings store used by AEECLSID_CWallpaper retrieves initial wallpaper settings information from the wallpaper.ini file located in the fs:/sys/mod/wallpaper/ directory.

The AEECLSID_CWallpaper implementation uses the ISettings interface, which means applications can modify certain settings items using ISettings instead of instantiating AEECLSID_CWallpaper.