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Providing data to a list container widget

There are three models that an application can use to provide data to a list container widget:

  • IListModel or ITypedListModel

    If an IListModel or an ITypedListModel is used with a list container, the list container widget expects the model to provide a list of item widgets.

  • IListContainerModel

    An application can create an instance of IListContainerModel using IListContainerModelFactory. There are two ways in which the application can use the factory to retrieve the IListContainerModel instance:

    • Call IListContainerModelFactory_CreateCallbackBased() to create an IListContainerModel interface from a set of function callbacks.
    • Call IListContainerModelFactory_CreateClassIdITypedListModelBased() to create an IListContainerModel that is suitable for simple homogenous lists.

See the for more information on these interfaces and functions.