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The nrPropertyReference primitive is used to reference the runtime value of any other property in a theme.


nr:PropertyReference(path, propid)

nr:PropertyReference is used as the value of an nr:Properties() property. When an nr:Properties() property is set using this primitive, the value of that property is taken from another property at runtime.


  • path: the full name of the table of properties being referenced
  • propid: the ID of the property being referenced

nr:PropertyReference example

The following example sets the foreground color of static widgets to the value of the background color defined in the table.

AEECLSID_CStaticWidget = { --Applied by default to all static widgets
   properties = nr:Properties {
      {PROP_FGCOLOR, nr:PropertyReference("",
       PROP_BGCOLOR) },

For a more detailed example, see Writing a Theme Resource File.