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Querying the Touch Observer

Before an application can query the Touch Observer, it must query the root container to obtain the Touch Observer object, as shown in the following example:

nErr = IWidget_GetTouchObserver(IWidget *pif, IObserver **ppiTouchObserver);

After obtaining the Touch Observer object, the application can start observation, retrieve information about the Touch Observer or gestures, and stop observation.

Starting observation

The following gestures can be observed:

  • Last linear movement determination (TOUCHOBSF_LLM)
  • Double tap (TOUCHOBSF_DBLTAP)
  • Multiple linear movements (TOUCHOBSF_MULT_LM)

To retrieve information about a gesture, an application needs to call IObserver_StartObservation() for that particular gesture, as shown in this example:

int nErr = AEE_SUCCESS;

// if the pointer to the touch observer is not NULL,
// start observation 
if(me->piTO) {
   nErr = IObserver_StartObservation(me->piTO, TOUCHOBSF_LLM);
   if (!nErr) {
      me->bFlickEnabled = TRUE;
      if (me->bDblFlickEnabled) {
         nErr |= IObserver_StartObservation(me->piTO, TOUCHOBSF_MULT_LM);

A tap and hold gesture is detected when the screen is touched and not released within a given time period. In addition, any moves observed within this time threshold should be within a limited distance (to avoid conflict with a pan or scroll action).

To check which gestures the Touch Observer is monitoring, call IObserver_GetObservation().

Retrieving information

To retrieve specific information about a gesture, an application can call one of the IObserver APIs associated with the gesture.

The following example shows how to get the speed, angle, and direction information for a flick gesture:

if(!me->piTO ||
   (AEE_SUCCESS != IObserver_GetLLMSpeed(me->piTO, &nLLMSpeed)) || (0 == nLLMSpeed) ||
   (AEE_SUCCESS != IObserver_GetLLMAngle(me->piTO, &nLLMAngle))) {


// Get Scroll direction
nScrollDir = GetDirectionType(nLLMAngle, me->nMaxLLMAngleRange);
if (TOUCHOBS_DIR_NONE == nScrollDir) {

Stopping observation

When an application is finished with observation for a gesture, it can stop observation, as follows:

int nErr = AEE_SUCCESS;

if (me->piTO && me->bFlickEnabled) {
   nErr = IObserver_StopObservation(me->piTO, TOUCHOBSF_LLM);
   me->bFlickEnabled = FALSE;

   if (me->bDblFlickEnabled) {
      nErr |= IObserver_StopObservation(me->piTO, TOUCHOBSF_MULT_LM);