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Using Transitions

The procedure for creating and using each type of transition is similar. The ClassID used to create the transition and the function that is called to initialize the transition are the main differences. The steps are as follows:

  1. Create the object that will be the target of the transition.
  2. Call ISHELL_CreateInstance () to retrieve a reference counted instance of the specified transition.

    The ClassID parameter can be one of the following:

    • AEECLSID_CTransition2_Mover
    • AEECLSID_CTransition2_Fader
    • AEECLSID_CTransition2_Resizer
    • AEECLSID_CTransition2_Scaler
    • AEECLSID_CTransition2_Scroller
  3. To initialize the transitions custom properties, call the initialization function that corresponds to the ClassID created:
    • Transition2Mover_Init ()
    • Transition2Fader_Init()
    • Transition2Resizer_Init()
    • Transition2Scaler_Init()
    • Transition2Scroller_Init()
  4. Call ITransitionMgr_Add () to add the transition to a manager.