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Improving performance of widget-based applications

  • Do not use the rotate widget to rotate the entire screen; it is intended to be used for smaller items. If rotation of the screen is needed, use a window.
  • If the application uses a widget's model repeatedly, save the reference.
  • If the application uses a specific font size repeatedly, save the reference to avoid creating the font multiple times.
  • If an application uses an image in multiple places, keep it in cache rather than reloading it from memory. The EFS access and decoding process are expensive.
  • If text strings are reused, keep them in cache as well.
  • Bitmaps can be used instead of image formats that require decoding. Bitmaps do not require decoding, though image size is a traded for time saved.

If your application uses list container or list widget, see Improving list container and list widget performance.