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Using blur widget

To use a blur widget, an application needs to do the following:

  1. Create a widget that will be blurred (such as an image widget).
  2. Create the blur widget by calling ISHELL_CreateInstance() with the AEECLSID_CBlurWidget ClassID.
  3. Set the blur type and blur radius using helper functions, as shown below.

    The blur type can be BLURTYPE_BOX or BLURTYPE_GAUSSIAN. The radius specifies how many pixels will be blended to create the blur effect; the default is zero (no blurring).

    nErr = IWidget_SetBlurType(me->piwBlur, nBlurType);
    if (AEE_SUCCESS == nErr) {
       nErr = IWidget_SetBlurRadius(me->piwBlur, nRadius);
       if (AEE_SUCCESS != nErr) {
          // error handling code...
    else {
       //  error handling code...
  4. Set the blur widget on the widget to be blurred by calling IDecorator_SetWidget();