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HTML widget

This widget supports basic rendering of HTML content. 

Its HTML formatting features and its ability to deal with malformed content are limited. HTML presented to the widget should be properly constructed, with start and end tags for nonempty elements and no mismatched end tags. As a result, HTML that is tested with the particular application is advised, and it is not intended to support arbitrary content (as obtained from various websites).

HTML features supported include:

  • Hypertext links
  • Simple HTML FORM support: text input, lists, submit buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons
  • Inline images or plug-ins
  • Horizontal alignments: left, center, right
  • Bold text (displayed using the AEE_FONT_BOLD font)
  • Large text (displayed using the AEE_FONT_LARGE font)
  • Text colors
  • Html document background colors when specified in hex format using body tag
  • Link colors using body tag

For additional information, including HTML features not supported by the HTML widget, refer to the

The figure below shows an example of the HTML widget . 

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