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Image static widget

The image static widget is used to display a single interface element that consists of both an image and a text label. For example, a real estate application could use the image static widget to display a photo of a home for sale with the price and address immediately to the right. Note that the image static widget can display just an image or just text.

The static image widget is actually three objects in one:

  • A static text widget containing the text that is used to label the image.
  • An image widget containing the graphic image to be displayed.
  • A prop container into which the above elements are placed.

Applications specify the image to be displayed in the widget by calling IWidget_SetImageStaticInfo(), passing in a pointer to an ImageStaticInfo data structure, which contains the text and image to be displayed.

In the following figure, the image and static text, "Inbox" at the top of the screen is an example of an Image static widget.

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