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Scrollbar and scroll indicator widget

Scrollbar and scroll indicator widgets

The scrollbar and the scroll indicator widgets derive from the decorator object. 

The scrollbar decorates a content based widget to indicate the position and proportion of the content that is being displayed, while the user navigates over the content. The scrollbar can be used to provide this visual indication vertically, horizontally, or both. The scroll indicator widget decorates viewable content as well by providing a pair of arrows beside the content. Like its sibling, the scroll indicator has the capability to display the indicator vertically, horizontally, or both. 

The graphic images used to represent the scroll arrows associated with a scrollbar are stored as resources in the file. One resource is used to store both arrows in an orientation; the up and down arrows used at the ends of a vertical scrollbar are stored in the same resource as individual display "tiles". The tiles are exactly the same size and are laid out in the resource one after the other in a horizontal strip, sort of like the frames of an animation sequence.

The following image shows a scroll widget displaying vertical and horizontal scrollbars. Each scrollbar has scroll indicator widgets at each end.

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