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Using title widget

To manipulate the text or text characteristics of a title widget, an application needs to obtain a pointer to the static widget by requesting the PROP_TITLEWIDGET from the title widget. The application can then manipulate this widget (or the value model associated with the static widget) directly.

To create a title widget, an application would do the following:

  1. Call ISHELL_CreateInstance() with a ClassID of AEECLSID_CTitleWidget to create a title widget. ISHELL_CreateInstance() retrieves a reference counted instance of the class that manages the widget.
  2. Make any desired modifications to the title widget's border. For example, set the extent, define the border color (if a visible border is desired), etc.
  3. Retrieve the PROP_TITLEWIDGET property from the title widget to gain access to the static widget used to manage the title's text.
  4. Make any desired modifications to the static widget. For example, setting the font, text color and position of the text.
  5. Create the widget that will be wrapped by the title widget.
  6. Call IDecorator_SetWidget() to wrap the title widget around the widget it decorates.