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Device Integration - OEM Only

Class dependencies

The Brew MP WLAN interface depends on following interfaces and APIs:

  • JSONGen
  • JsonParse
  • IJSonTree
  • ISettings
  • IRecrodStore
  • IItemsStore


Whether the Brew MP WLAN components are included in the build is controlled by the include statements:

  • include $(WLAN_BREW)/wlan_brew.min
These include statements are in the dmss_objects.min file in the build/ms/ folder.

To disable the Brew MP WLAN feature, comment out the include statements.


For more information on WLAN configuration and integration of AMSS WLAN for Athero's or third party solution, see:

  • 80-VC558-1_F AMSS WLAN Configuration Guide
  • 80-VA650-1_H_WLAN_Operation_AMSS

For more information on the WLAN configuration and integration of AMSS WLAN for WCN1312 solution, see:

  • [80-VU237-1_A] WCN1312_AMSS_Config_Guide
  • [80-VU242-1_A] WCN1312_AMSS_Integration


PVS modules to verify:

  • OATWiFi
  • OATWLANMacAddr
  • ConnMgrTest
  • Ctfwlansettings
  • Ctfwlanprofilemgr