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Brew MP includes interfaces for using wireless features.

All the WLAN interfaces are singletons, so creating multiple objects yields a single object handler. For example, class A is said to be a singleton within the scope of object X when there is at most one instance of A per X. The first client requesting A causes it to be created; subsequent requesters receive a pointer to the same instance. Once all clients release their references, the singleton instance is deleted.

The interfaces are:

  • wlan_IConnMgr
  • wlan_IWIFIWPS

Brew MP includes the following PRO developer interfaces:

  • wlan_IProfileMgr
  • wlan settings keys

Interface migration - OEM Only

The IWIFI and IWIFIOPTS interfaces are being phased out, and will be deprecated at some point in the future. By Brew MP 1.2, IWIFI will be deprecated. Manufacturers should use wlan_IProfileMgr.

Some functionality of IWIFI, including stats and IP configuration, are not supported by the new interfaces. For profile management and WLAN configuration, manufacturers should use wlan_IProfileMgr and the WLAN settings interface.