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Using Wireless LAN

Using the WLAN is a three step process:

  1. The WLAN subscription must be enabled to make the WLAN capability available.
  2. The WLAN must be turned on by setting the system mode preference.
  3. Connections to WLAN access points can be handled automatically by the AMSS Call Manager, or an application can manually connect to access points.

In the build from Qualcomm, the AMSS Call Manager automatically attempts to connect to an access point when the WLAN is turned on. If the manufacturer wants to create an application that provides a list of available access points and allow the user to select the access point, or to manually control connection to access points, the automatic connection feature may need to be removed from the build.

A device that uses the automatic connection feature controls WLAN connections using profiles. The wlan_IProfileMgr interface is provided to control the list of access points the Call Manager uses.

A device that manually controls WLAN connections maintains a separate list of access points and uses the wlan_IConnMgr interface to connect to access points.

Using wlan_IConnMgr_Connect() disables the automatic connection feature until the device is reset.